JROTC Guidon

It is very exiting to see students of the local High School wear their JROTC uniform. I haven’t had the opportunity to attend a JROTC competition. It would be great to see how they put into practice the drill and ceremony routines their instructors put together. These are two guidons we recently made for to opposing High Schools in West Virginia.

Capital High School West Virginia
Capital High School West Virginia
Riverside High School West  Virginia
Riverside High School West Virginia










Raider JROTC


Brockport ROTC Guidon

Future Army leaders are trained and groomed in our universities ROTC programs. The Officers and NCO’s that share their knowledge and experience is a priceless commodity.


ROTC Guidon

Our jobs gets monotonous at times because official military artwork is set in stone, however when we get an email from a ROTC Cadet requesting info on a custom guidon we get very exited. Doing something new is challenging for everyone at the shop from the designers to the machine operators it changes the pace of every day work and the designs we get are very cool!

ROTC Guidon Samples