Doctrine Man!!

Here is a Guidon we had fun making. A special project for Doctrine Man!!

Leading the charge in the Military blogosphere is Doctrine Man. Using his Characters to give us an insight into the brains of military leadership, Doctrine Man and my personal favorite Blue Falcon will never disappoint.

You can follow the adventure of Blue Falcon, The Irish Priest among other great characters.

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Brockport ROTC Guidon

Future Army leaders are trained and groomed in our universities ROTC programs. The Officers and NCO’s that share their knowledge and experience is a priceless commodity.


170 IBCT

It was on July 6th 1988 when I arrived at HHC 2/68 Armor. Ft. Knox was a distant memory and I was eager to put my skills as an M1A1 Tank Turret Mechanic into practice, but I was surprised to find out that the 8th ID still had the M60A3. Well that is how my story in the United States Army began. The 8th ID is no longer, the 1st Armored Division took it’s place and now it’s home to the 170th IBCT, well not for much longer. So when I received and email requesting information about guidons for the 170th IBCT I got exited. Baumholder “The Rock” as some call it was my home for 4 years.

This guidon is ready to do it’s tour of duty at “The Rock”

For more info 915.630.2828

We Upgraded Our Website

We are extremely happy to announce to all our customers that we upgraded our website.

With new emerging technologies in hardware and software specifically in tablets we decided to catch up and revise our site. The first thing you will notice is the horizontal navigation, all pages are viewed from left to right instead of scrolling up or down. We felt that this navigation would be more comfortable for tablets like the Ipad or mobile devises like the Iphone. The site was engineered so it could be accessed by all current platforms with ease of access. Following the example from such great companies like Google and Apple you will also notice that it is not cluttered with pictures and graphics, we wanted a clean look and feel without all the bells and whistles. Easy to the eye, straight and to the point.

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Local Purchase Information

Paragraph 10-1, AR 840-10, states that all flags, guidons and accessories in this regulation will be furnished by the US Army Soldier Systems Command (now the Clothing and Heraldry Office, Philadelphia). In 1996, The Institute of Heraldry requested that a statement be added to AR 710-2 as follows: If the Army Support Office (now Clothing and Heraldry) cannot provide the flag by the required delivery date, the Installation Commander may authorize local purchase. The Clothing and Heraldry PSID in Philadelphia or The Institute of Heraldry is NOT the approval authority for authorization of local purchase. If the Installation Commander determines that the flag may be procured locally, the installation establishes the procedures on type of purchase (e.g., credit card or contract). When AR 840-10 is revised, the above statement will be added to paragraph 10-1.


OCS Guidon

From Paper to Fabric

This guidon is for the 243rd RTI’s 56th OCS Class.

Send us your idea in any format and our staff of designers and seamstress will transform it from paper to fabric.