Doctrine Man!!

Here is a Guidon we had fun making. A special project for Doctrine Man!!

Leading the charge in the Military blogosphere is Doctrine Man. Using his Characters to give us an insight into the brains of military leadership, Doctrine Man and my personal favorite Blue Falcon will never disappoint.

You can follow the adventure of Blue Falcon, The Irish Priest among other great characters.

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JROTC Guidon

It is very exiting to see students of the local High School wear their JROTC uniform. I haven’t had the opportunity to attend a JROTC competition. It would be great to see how they put into practice the drill and ceremony routines their instructors put together. These are two guidons we recently made for to opposing High Schools in West Virginia.

Capital High School West Virginia
Capital High School West Virginia
Riverside High School West  Virginia
Riverside High School West Virginia










Raider JROTC

Law Enforcement Guidons or Flags

One of the jobs that give us the most satisfaction is making a guidon or flag for a police academy or police department. We only need a basic sketch or design to get your guidon into production. Our company will NEVER charge you a setup fee. Call us at 915-630-2828 or email us at for more information or you can view samples of our work at