Guidons for 174th Fighter Wing Becoming 174th Attack Wing

The New York Air National Guard’s 174th Fighter Wing will become the 174th Attack Wing on Sept. 9, 2012.

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It was an honor for us to make the guidons for the transition ceremony to be held on September 9th. We would like to thank the entire staff of the 174 ATKW for choosing our company with this great honor.

PCS, ETS and Retirement Gifts. has always distinguished itself for Replica or Miniature guidons, flags and pennants. Our customers provide a general Idea and we will take it from paper to fabric. A sketch or drawing is all we need to complete you order. Embroidery and Appliqué are the methods used to make guidons, we NEVER print or silkscreen your guidon. We have an extensive catalogue of Army and Air Force drawings and flag blue prints.

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These are the most common sizes of miniature Guidons or Flags

100% – 20”x 27”

50% – 10”x 13.5”

40% – 8” x 11”

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Brigade Flag IAW AR 840-10

5–20. Separate TOE brigades

The flag has two vertical stripes of equal width. The shoulder sleeve insignia or number of the brigade is centered in proper colors, l5 inches high. The fringe is yellow. The color of the stripes and piping for brigades will be as indicated in table 5-2.

4th CAV
205th Infantry Brigade
191st Infantry Brigade
189th Infantry Brigade
188th Infantry Brigade
181st Infantry Brigade
177th Armor Brigade
157th infantry Brigade
120th Infantry BDE
5th Armor BDE

ROTC Guidon

Our jobs gets monotonous at times because official military artwork is set in stone, however when we get an email from a ROTC Cadet requesting info on a custom guidon we get very exited. Doing something new is challenging for everyone at the shop from the designers to the machine operators it changes the pace of every day work and the designs we get are very cool!

ROTC Guidon Samples



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