Beer Mug with 19E Armor Best Job Ever

19E Armor M60A1
The Best Job I Ever had 19E Beer Mug

New Item in our Store. 16Oz Beer Mug with a Shield containing the Armor 19E Mos. With the Caption “The Best Job I Ever Had”
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Black Jack Guidon

As we shared with you i n a previous post, we have the honor of being selected to be the exclusive provider of guidons for the Pershing Rifles and Black Jack Association.

This is the first guidon we have made for the A8 Black Jacks

Guidon for A8 Black Jack Company
Guidon for A8 Black Jack Company


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Family Coat of Arms

Family Coat of Arms

During the last couple of weeks we have been busy with a project that took us out of our comfort zone. A customer we have known for many years finish building her dream home. The house is located in a gated community with the most spectacular views of El Paso, I honestly have to say that no other house in El Paso is privileged with such a magnificent view. I have no knowledge of architecture so I can’t state what type of style was used to build such a beautiful house all I can describe for you that it reminds me of an old Mexican Hacienda with a Mediterranean twist. The house has a gorgeous  dome that can be seen from any angle of the property I can only imagine the view that one could see from this magnificent place. Our company was hired to make eight flags, each flag representing the last name and lineage of both our customer and her husband.  The flags are place directly above a beautiful twenty person dining room table. The poles are hand carved with a beautiful braided design and both are supported by a beautiful wrought iron base. Our customer chose the finest silk fabrics to compliment the family crest.  We hope you enjoy the pictures just as much as we enjoyed making these flags.

Shakespeare COAWarrington COABoteler COABeeler Coat of ArmsBullard COAMoore COA


Custom Air Force Guidon

I just love it when a customer wants something out of the ordinary. We received an email from Japan an Air Force customer that was looking to get a custom Air Force Guidon, he gave us the general idea of what he wanted and attached a great logo that he wanted incorporated into the guidon. What I liked the most was the Transformers concept that the graphic had, needless to say I wanted this job. It is very rewarding when they tell you, When can you ship? You can see how we “Transformed” our customers idea from paper to fabric. At we strive to get the best products for our customers. Send your idea to we will send you a quote as soon as possible.

Custom Air Force Guidon Proof


Air Force Guidon

Current Mini Flag Inventory

We have the following Mini Regimental Flags in stock ready to ship. Suitable to be framed for a Retirement  , ETS or PCS gift. View Samples At our Google+ Album or visit us at 

209th Support x1

12 SFG Special Forces Group x1

411th Civil Affairs x1

Career Counselor (in Black) x1

AFSBn Campbell x1

308th Replacement x1

Recruiting x1

125th Ordance x1

6th Aviation x1

7/104th Regiment x1

Dental Mini Guidon x1

5th Signal x1

199th Regiment x1

1-36 Infantry x3

QM mini Guidon x2

1-77Armor x4

5-1st Armor x2

1-7 Cav x3

2-7 Cav x1

4-7 CAV x2

2-12 Cav x1

6-1 Cav x1

7-6 Cav x3

31st CSH x1

1-3 ADA x3

1-6 ADA x2

1-7 ADA x2 M

3-2 ADA x5

2-263 ADA x1

1-44 ADA X2

2-4 ADA x1M

2-43 ADA x1M

3-43 ADA x1M

1-52 ADA x1M

3-43 ADA X3

2-44 ADA x1M

1-44 ADA x1M