Doctrine Man!!

Here is a Guidon we had fun making. A special project for Doctrine Man!!

Leading the charge in the Military blogosphere is Doctrine Man. Using his Characters to give us an insight into the brains of military leadership, Doctrine Man and my personal favorite Blue Falcon will never disappoint.

You can follow the adventure of Blue Falcon, The Irish Priest among other great characters.

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Pershing Rifles

We are proud to announce that we have been selected as the official guidon and streamer manufacturer for the National Society of Pershing Rifles.

University of Oklahoma X7

All companies, students or alumni can order through our website or by calling 915.630.2828

We have a set price of $120.00 per guidon plus $6.95 anywhere in the United Stated to include A.P.O. Rush jobs available, call or email us for more information.

The guidon Streamers are Type II, Class 1, Size 3 (1 3/8″ by 2 feet long) available in several colors.


Current Mini Flag Inventory

We have the following Mini Regimental Flags in stock ready to ship. Suitable to be framed for a Retirement  , ETS or PCS gift. View Samples At our Google+ Album or visit us at 

209th Support x1

12 SFG Special Forces Group x1

411th Civil Affairs x1

Career Counselor (in Black) x1

AFSBn Campbell x1

308th Replacement x1

Recruiting x1

125th Ordance x1

6th Aviation x1

7/104th Regiment x1

Dental Mini Guidon x1

5th Signal x1

199th Regiment x1

1-36 Infantry x3

QM mini Guidon x2

1-77Armor x4

5-1st Armor x2

1-7 Cav x3

2-7 Cav x1

4-7 CAV x2

2-12 Cav x1

6-1 Cav x1

7-6 Cav x3

31st CSH x1

1-3 ADA x3

1-6 ADA x2

1-7 ADA x2 M

3-2 ADA x5

2-263 ADA x1

1-44 ADA X2

2-4 ADA x1M

2-43 ADA x1M

3-43 ADA x1M

1-52 ADA x1M

3-43 ADA X3

2-44 ADA x1M

1-44 ADA x1M

We Take Your Idea From Paper To Fabric

You might not know but DODGUIDONS never charges a setup fee. We take pride in our work but we are even more proud of the men and women that volunteer to serve our nation in the different branches of our military or have made the commitment to Protect and Serve as law enforcement officials.

We will take your idea from paper to fabric. Send us your artwork in any format you want and let us take care of the rest.


USMC Guidon

We would like to inform our USMC customers that we are an Authorized Company by Marine Corps Trademark and Licensing Office in Washington D.C.

The Marine Corps Guidon is the heraldry item we are most proud of. We take great care to make each USMC Guidon in accordance with. USMC MCO P10520.3B

The USMC Guidon description is found here.

You can find pictures of the Guidons we have done in the past in the following sites. DODGUIDONS, Google+

Marine Corps Guidon
USMC Guidon For Recruiting Station Phoenix.

ROTC Guidon

Our jobs gets monotonous at times because official military artwork is set in stone, however when we get an email from a ROTC Cadet requesting info on a custom guidon we get very exited. Doing something new is challenging for everyone at the shop from the designers to the machine operators it changes the pace of every day work and the designs we get are very cool!

ROTC Guidon Samples



Mini Guidon For Retirement or PCS Gift

We can make any guidon, flag or regimental colors, so it can be framed. Visit our site at to view samples of our work.

Image has always distinguished itself for Replica or Miniature guidons, flags and pennants. Our customers provide a general Idea and we will take it from paper to fabric. A sketch or drawing is all we need to complete you order. Embroidery and Appliqué are the methods used to make guidons, we NEVER print or silkscreen you guidon. We have an extensive catalog of Army and Air Force drawings and flag blue print.

Are you looking for that special gift for a Retirement, PCS, ETS or Hail and Farewell Ceremony or Party? Look no further we can do or replicate any Flag, Guidon, Colors or Pennant.

These are the most common sizes of miniature Guidons or Flags

100% – 20”x 27”

50% – 10”x 13.5”

40% – 8” x 11”