Problems We’ve encountered when a Customer orders a flag, guidon or streamer For Army

Our company has been in business for 17 years; during this time we have encountered numerous situations that at times have made the production process a great ordeal. In our experience a customer needs a guidon because someone took the old one maybe the outgoing commander wants to take the guidon for sentimental reasons or the most common reason is that the Battalion, Brigade or Division is having a very important ceremony and they want every single company to have a new guidon. We have to deal with many issues from our customers but I would like to concentrate on the two main problems. First we get the order for the guidon or flag days sometimes hours before a critical deadline that our customer wants to meet. In this situation we understand that sometimes the last person to know is the credit card holder, supply Sgt or S4 clerk and we do everything in our power to meet the customer needs. The other common problem is that when the customer receives the guidon or flag, they call us and tell us “The Guidon (Flag) doesn’t look anything like the one we have. We take great pride in making our guidons and flags and we strive to make sure that everything is done in accordance with AR 840-10 for the Army, AFI 84-105 for the Air Force and MCO P10520.3B for the USMC.

I have to honestly say that the guidon or flag you have in your possession right know might not be correct or in accordance to the regulations. Let me state some examples.


In AR840-10

6-3 Prohibitions (e) The only authorized abbreviation to denote the Headquarters element on guidons is “HQ”. All other abbreviations such as “HHC” or “HQS” are unauthorized. This includes HHD or HHB

We would venture to say that most guidons out there have HHC, HHB or HHD.

6-4 Description Letters and numerals will READ FROM LEFT TO RIGHT ON EACH SIDE OF THE GUIDON.

-According to the regulation it should look like this.

Most Customers their guidons look like this

The Battalion number on the same side as the pole sleeve.

6-4 The letters and numbers on guidons are 3 ½ inches high unless otherwise indicated.

6-12 The battalion/squadron numerals are 2 5/8 inches high.

A very common question we have is also why our guidon/flag is a different in color than the one we received, please take in consideration color fading due to the sun and time. We will do all guidons in their respective branch color.

There is a Difference between ORDNANCE and Maintenance. For a guidon ORDNANCE (EOD) Guidon is Crimson with Gold Letters and Numerals. Maintenance Company Guidon is Crimson with Light blue Letters and Numerals (AR840-10 Table 6-2).