We Take Your Idea From Paper To Fabric

You might not know but DODGUIDONS never charges a setup fee. We take pride in our work but we are even more proud of the men and women that volunteer to serve our nation in the different branches of our military or have made the commitment to Protect and Serve as law enforcement officials.

We will take your idea from paper to fabric. Send us your artwork in any format you want and let us take care of the rest.





USMC Guidon

We would like to inform our USMC customers that we are an Authorized Company by Marine Corps Trademark and Licensing Office in Washington D.C.

The Marine Corps Guidon is the heraldry item we are most proud of. We take great care to make each USMC Guidon in accordance with. USMC MCO P10520.3B

The USMC Guidon description is found here.

You can find pictures of the Guidons we have done in the past in the following sites. DODGUIDONS, Google+

Marine Corps Guidon
USMC Guidon For Recruiting Station Phoenix.